Important Factors for SEO

There are a number of important factors for search engine optimisation and commonly used by SEO experts. Firstly, there are two main search engine optimisations, on-page and off-page. On-page SEO, which is the SEO performed on the website, involves optimising the title, keywords, descriptions and content. Off-page SEO, which is the SEO performed on websites other than the one being optimised, generally involves the increase of backlinks to the website. There are 8 main SEO factors.

Keyword that is present near the starting of the title tag
Backlinks from other domians that make use of your keywords as the broadcaster text.
Popularity of the website. Domain which have a stronger online presence are higher ranked.

Density of keywords. Higher the density of keywords, better ranked the website is.
Presence of the keywords in the URL of the website.
Diversity of backlinks and links from social media website.
Keyword as the title for an image and alt text is a popular way to improve search engine rankings.

Meta description for the webpage. Its existence draws the attention of users.

One other important factor that must be kept in mind is that SEO is different for different search engines. As the search engines differ, different strategies must be used.

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