The Difference between Paid and Free Webhosting Service

Websites always experience a tough decision right from the beginning of their venture online. This decision is to select a hosting service for their website. There are not only web hosting companies that offer their services at competitive prices, but there are many that provide free hosting services to their clients as well. Let’s look in detail about the important differences between free and paid hosting services and the effect that it can make on your website.

Price: Price is the first difference. Free webhosting lets the owner of a website to host his website entirely free of charge. There are no feel included in putting files to their server. There are no hidden fees involved for keeping the website hosted on the particular for long time. On the other hand, paid webhosting services charge a small amount of fee for the owners to have their website hosted. Fees for webhosting service are normally based on monthly basis. You may opt to sign up for one or two years and get good discounts or you can also stick to a monthly plan to make sure you are satisfied with the service.

Speed: Bandwidth is another important aspect of webhosting that you need to consider. This decides the speed that data is moved from the hosting server to the internet user coming to your site. The more the bandwidth, the quicker your site will appear and the faster users can watch your videos, images and also download files from your site. Free webhosting services normally put a restriction on the amount of bandwidth to your website and because of that the loading time of your website will be affected and also the speed will be affected when visitors are trying to navigate through your site. If you have a new site, which doesn’t have many visitors or your site does not include many images and videos then the limitation on bandwidth is very minimal or no effect on you. On the contrary, if you are thinking of growing your website or have a bigger website with many images then a paid webhosting is a good option for you as it has unlimited bandwidth.

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