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WWDC 2012 Tickets Sold within Two Hours of Announcement

Apple’s WWDC has made a record as its tickets have been sold within 2 hours after Apple announced on 25th April that the conference for 2012 will be held from 11th to 15th June 2012 in San Francisco.

Important Ecommerce Software Tools

Ecommerce software is something that helps a person to operate an entire online store without any other additional assistance. And majority of eCommerce software comes with different types of tools that it make it easy for a person to run a SOHO business successfully.

Things To Look For In An Automatic Photo Scanner

An automatic photo scanner is expected to be durable, reliable and precise as a first expectation. Versatility may be the next factor. If the automatic photo scanner you have chosen can scan slides, pictures, and negative films too, a lot of work is done for you within no time. Along with that if it can […]