Colocation New York – Criteria To Look For!

Whether you are doing a business in New York or Dallas, or anywhere on earth, if you want to save the overhead costs on an internal data center, you must find out the best colocation service. There are many criteria regarding how to choose the best colocation provider. Colocation New York services are some of the best, because they fulfill most of these criteria. Same case is with Dallas colocation services.

Most of them provide services internationally and are in the business for many years, which is important. When the colocation services are more experienced, you can rely on them better. This does not mean that you should not offer the work to new services; you can try them too. If they are really good, they will prove it.

Another quality the provider must possess is flexibility towards your needs. When a colocation provider offers flexible space solutions, your data center can grow comfortably according to your business requirements. So this is one of the criteria, that the provider should be flexible in offering space.

Redundant power as well as cooling system are also important, so also are important super-fast scalable connections to internet. A large optical carrier preferably with OC192 should be chosen; if not possible, at least OC48 should be taken.

Next is all-inclusive price. A good New York or Dallas colocation provider will include the price of bandwidth, power, cabinet space and IP addresses in one. If the provider offers basic remote hands support, unlimited free IP addresses, free installation, free bandwidth usage data, etc. he should be called better. Make sure what you are getting for the quoted price; so price is an important factor while deciding a colocation service.

There are some less important points too, like the proximity of the colocation provider to your office or home, because of the convenience. This is less important because it depends on your specific needs. If the provider is providing free remote hands support, you need not look into small matters like server reboots, putting a disk in drive, screen reads, etc. Most of the maintenance is controlled by remote control by the colocation provider.

On these criteria, you can see to it that you get a good colocation service provider in New York or Dallas.


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